Venciendo Con Desarrollo E Investigacion Social En la Selva (VEDISS), or Overcoming with Social Development and Investigation in the Jungle, is a not-for-profit organization based in San Martin, Tarapoto, Peru. Overcoming-Love Ministries, Inc. provides financial support to VEDISS because it supports its mission and vision.

Established in 2008, VEDISS is dedicated to finding botanical solutions to historically debilitating health conditions. The mission of VEDISS is to promote education and culture through the conservation and reforestation of the rainforests in the region of San Martin. The association also reinforces the need for a democratic society that offers equal opportunities for the women of Peru.

Currently, VEDISS is finalizing a 6-month clinical trial conducted on 65 patients suffering from various health-related ailments. The clinical trial tested the effectiveness of oil pressed from the seeds of a plant known as "Sacha Inchi." Long believed to be medicinal, Sacha Inchi is credited with being the key to the extraordinary intelligence of the Incas, as it was a major component of their dietary intake. Spearheaded by OCLM Executive Director, Rev. Leopoldo A. Karl, the clinical trial served patients two tablespoons of Sacha Inchi oil per day, taking patients' weight and blood pressure on a daily basis. The results were extremely favorable:

The three most common ailments patients involved in the study suffered from were rheumatoid arthritis, high glucose/cholesterol/triglycerides, and low bone density. Most of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis showed visible improvement in their overall physical appearance, mobility, and function, with the RA factor in their blood changing from positive to negative. Patients affected by high glucose/cholesterol/triglycerides, including those with diabetes, saw a significant reduction in these levels. A significant number of the patients afflicted with low bone density levels, including those with osteoporosis, also had an increase in density levels. Many suffering from obesity and high blood pressure also had significant weight loss and lower blood pressure. Overall all 65 patients, including those with acute depression and chronic fatigue, reported having positive changes in mood, better concentrative and communicative abilities, and increased energy levels.

All 65 medical reports were reviewed, approved, and certified by the University of San Martin in Peru. Three of these actual medical reports are posted here:




News coverage of the Sacha Inchi investigations under the direction of Rev. Karl and the clinical trial results released by VEDISS can be found here:

For more information, please contact Rev. Leopoldo A. Karl, Executive Director, at (718) 235-1464.